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The Kebab Shop spreads European style in America with a SiteZeus partnership

This California brand is hoping to popularize kebab shops- Europe’s tastiest (and most ubiquitous) street food- in America. Small kebab shops started popping up in Europe as a result of Turkish immigration, and the dish caught on like wildfire. The Kebab Shop is bringing this simplistic but stellar model to the states, and the fire is catching.

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Artificial intelligence finds a home in the restaurant industry

Every seasoned restaurant owner or manager knows that where there is growth, once stood a significant risk. No booming business entered the game, be it opening a new location, a menu makeover, or a completely new brand, with 100 percent confidence.

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Why your fast casual brand can’t ignore artificial intelligence

In a world stunted by a powerful recession, thousands of businesses closed their doors while a small, Boston-based burrito chain was getting ready to take their brand to the national level. Despite the failing economy, Boloco was thriving in its existing locations.


STONEFIRE Grill cooks up recipe for market expansion strategy

STONEFIRE Grill, California’s family friendly restaurant has partnered with SiteZeus to enrich their Location Intelligence strategy.