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Wings Etc. Inc. heats up with SiteZeus’ location intelligence tools

With nearly 50 locations spanning the East Coast and the Midwest, Wings Etc. is the ultimate family-friendly and overall fun sports bar, serving award-winning wings, cold beer and great vibes. Founded in 1994 in Indiana, the restaurant chain offers a full-service grill and pub with a relaxed atmosphere that has successfully competed with even the biggest sports bar chains.


Did you make it to ICSC RECon 2017?

RECon is the premier gathering place for retail real estate professionals to conduct a year’s worth of business in just three days! If you didn’t get a chance to make it out, watch our quick video recap.


Ben’s Soft Pretzels – the latest foodservice brand to choose SiteZeus

Founded in 2008 by a hardworking team of pretzel lovers and bakers, Ben’s Soft Pretzels has expanded to over 84 bakeries across the country. Serving up hand rolled, Amish-inspired, fresh and preservative free pretzels, Ben’s brings quality and inspiration to America’s favorite comfort food.

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For every query, big data has the answer

Big data, analytics and the Internet of Things are creeping into all aspects of business operations these days from staffing and inventory management to real estate and social media strategy. Many franchisors are finding it is time to jump on the trend or risk getting left behind.

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SiteZeus wins first place and cash prize at Florida Early Stage Capital Conference

The Florida Venture Forum and Space Florida announced last week the winners of the 10th Annual 2017 Florida Early Stage Capital Conference and Space Florida’s Accelerating Innovation prize, where SiteZeus took home the win. The competition drew over twenty Florida-based companies from a variety of industries, who then presented to an audience of angel investors, entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

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Microsoft BizSpark Stories – Mitigate risk and capitalize on profitable new opportunities with SiteZeus

Located in Tampa, Florida, SiteZeus® is a startup company developing a cloud-based location intelligence platform that is intended to help businesses locate and capitalize on profitable opportunities. The company’s flagship service, SiteZeus Synergy, is a big-data GIS platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help businesses visualize market potential and analyze the specific features driving their local, regional, and national sales. In other words, Synergy will help you predict store revenues for your existing business locations, as well as analyze which locations will be the most profitable to open new stores, ultimately helping brands mitigate risks and increase profitability.


Black Box Intelligence Webinar: Leverage restaurant performance from your peer groups

Enjoy the 4th edition of “Does data have a seat at your table?” focused on the addition of Black Box Intelligence, which tracks performance across 27,000 restaurants. We will be discussing how their restaurant performance index can be leveraged within SiteZeus, specifically reporting, visualizations and predictive analytics.


SiteZeus sizzles with beloved burger and kebab shop Pincho Factory

With a collection of fabulous family recipes and a commitment to quality and transparency, it’s no surprise that Pincho Factory has made a splash throughout South Florida. A fast-casual chain focused on friendly service and unbelievably fresh food, Pincho Factory serves award-winning, natural and antibiotic-free food.


Fitness Premier strengthens strategy with SiteZeus

Fitness Premier is more than just a gym— the company prides itself on supporting and providing community for its clients through their fitness journeys. The team has grown over the past decade to occupy locations throughout the midwest, and is now available in 40 states for franchising. With a unique combination of fitness expertise and personalized service, Fitness Premier is bound to keep growing— with SiteZeus by its side.


Clean Juice Bar teams with SiteZeus to spread healthy lifestyle

When the Eckle family opened their first Clean Juice Bar location in 2015, their vision was to share their organic and healthy lifestyle habits with the world. Since then, they have opened three more locations and franchised 51 across eight states. Needless to say, Clean Juice Bar is making a splash in the health-food industry with its tasty drinks and clean, fresh ingredients.


Insource or outsource, is there a better option?

In many ways, technology has leveled the playing field between companies and their consultants, and has blurred the lines between insourcing and outsourcing. If a company uses in-house software created by a third party, is that outsourcing? And if a consulting firm builds and maintains a proprietary system for a company, is that still insourcing? And which route offers the best time-for-value and ROI?...


Campers Inn RV dealership chooses SiteZeus retail tool

As a multiple generation family-operated business based out of the east coast, Campers Inn RV has grown to become one of the largest RV outlet dealers in the United States. With an emphasis on customer satisfaction and a commitment to make vacations great, Campers Inn RV will use SiteZeus to better serve its clients with actionable insights and enhanced confidence in both everyday and major decisions.