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Location Intelligence

Identify markets where your brand would thrive in minutes

Traditional white space analysis methods take multi-unit brand’s two to four weeks to conduct and can vary in accuracy. Waiting that long for analysis drastically slows down the timeline for opening new locations. Attempting to find data driven answers to questions like, “What market should I enter next?” or “Where should I open my first location in this new market?” can be difficult. SiteZeus’ A.I.-powered white space analysis solution, Site Sonar, runs up to 50,000 sales projections across the US and Canada in a matter of minutes, helping brands evaluate sales potential in new markets with greater accuracy than ever before.

Location Intelligence

Breakthrough A.I.-powered solution helps multi-unit brands reduce sales impact and increase profits in existing markets

Sales impact can be challenging to measure mainly because human behavior is complex. How do you quickly, efficiently, and easily build out the best market planning strategy?

Location Intelligence

Test site remodel scenarios for a single site or your entire fleet to improve portfolio performance

Whenever a multi-unit brand decides to remodel one or multiple sites, the questions is always, “What will my ROI be?” Making physical or operational changes can be costly, so it’s critical to understand how the changes will affect stores’ revenue. With SiteZeus’s portfolio optimization solution, brands can navigate these decisions with confidence.