Keyser Commercial Real Estate sources partner to make sense of the big data world

Keyser, a Commercial Real Estate firm based out of Phoenix, has partnered with SiteZeus to leverage their leading location intelligence platform. SiteZeus equips Keyser with the tools of a data scientist; creating a powerful site selection instrument immediately adding value to their client base.

Keyser was founded in response to a void in the marketplace, where firms preached about serving their customer, but never delivered. Jonathan Keyser, the founder, describes their approach as “selflessly putting the needs of our clients first, (which allows them) to provide longer term better solutions”.

As a new member to the SiteZeus family, Keyser has access to the industry’s most sophisticated & accurate modeling techniques. They will be able to confidently analyze, visualize, report and distribute actionable insights on any prospective site via our web based technology.

See how SiteZeus can help you solve for site selection and optimization.

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