SiteZeus named amongst CIO Review’s 100 Most Promising Tech Start-Ups for 2019

For the second time, SiteZeus finds itself placed among CIO Review’s 100 Most Promising Tech Start-Ups, which highlights innovative technologies that are making the world an easier, better place for humans and companies.

I think it’s a great award that recognizes highly innovative companies both large and small across the spectrum that are doing very interesting things,”

said SiteZeus CEO, Hannibal Baldwin. “We’re excited to be in it, once again.”

Since the initial recognition in 2016, SiteZeus has made exponential improvements to their location intelligence platform, leading the shift from predictive to Prescriptive-Led Growth (PLG). This methodology empowers brands and grants higher levels of confidence with new modern data sets and instant model delivery. Prescriptive-led growth differs from traditional site selection models, where Instead of delivering a static, cookie cutter model to restaurant brands, PLG models run hundreds of permutations in seconds, taking every data point into account, inside one, single global model.

In order to support this vision for the customers and the industry, SiteZeus has partnered with cutting edge data providers to enhance their already-robust A.I. driven location intelligence platform. These enhancements have increased accuracy and speed within their models to help deliver more rewarding results for SiteZeus’ users.

Looking forward, SiteZeus is set to launch new functionality around customer segmentation analytics. “The opportunity continues to grow,” concluded Baldwin. “By having one model that knows everything there is to know about a brand, you can fuel growth and innovation across multiple business functions within the company.”

With vision like that, it’s not hard to understand why SiteZeus finds itself recognized as a top tech start-up in 2019.

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