A.I.-powered sales impact solution revolutionizes multi-unit market planning

Real estate teams gain accurate, lightning-fast results, acknowledge the death of pin studies

TAMPA, Fla. (February 22, 2021) — Large, multi-unit brands typically focus expansion around concentrated, “hot” trade areas, but when they fail to calculate sales impact correctly, they risk overcrowding the market and cannibalizing their own sales. That’s an expensive mistake that can quickly take a brand from profits to loss. To help avoid such costly errors, SiteZeus has announced the release of its new A.I.-powered Sales Impact solution which leverages mobile data and geofencing to empower real estate teams to run unparalleled analyses and help identify where to open their next location in an existing territory.

Our sales impact methodology includes variables like time of day and day of week as well as other complex distance measurements. These allow real estate teams to evaluate customer behavior and accurately predict the sales transfer that will occur between an existing site and a proposed location,

said SiteZeus CEO Hannibal Baldwin. “More importantly, Sales Impact provides all that information within seconds, enabling the analysis to be completed in real time.”

Real estate teams at multi-unit brands in the restaurant, retail and other brick-and-mortar business segments can use SiteZeus’ sales impact solution to

  1. understand impact scenarios,
  2. determine infill potential,
  3. maximize revenue per market, and
  4. build proactive fortressing strategies.

How brands can maximize revenue per market with SiteZeus, in Under 60 Seconds

SiteZeus’ sales impact solution goes much deeper than the traditional methods brands have relied upon to measure cannibalization, such as manual pin studies. Pin studies rely on in-person surveys that can take weeks to deliver. They use samples of data instead of studying the entire year, not accounting for seasonal differences. Those less-intricate studies, which fail to predict sales cannibalization accurately, have often cost franchisees their profits.

Before SiteZeus, pin studies required us to schedule on-site intercepts and wait for results, often weeks or even months per site. Now, getting sales impact studies takes minutes, at most; the difference in speed is night and day,”

Jim Avery, Director of Development at Jack’s Family Restaurants

Baldwin agreed that SiteZeus’ A.I. platform runs accurate sales impact analyses at game-changing speeds. “We’re excited to empower the best multi-unit brands with this extraordinary solution that will absolutely help them reduce sales impact and maximize revenue in any market,” he said.

To see how leading multi-unit brands leverage SiteZeus’ A.I.-powered sales impact solution, interested parties can register for an upcoming webinar that will take place at 1 p.m. ET on March 10. For a custom demo or to learn more about Sales Impact, reach out to info@sitezeus.com.

About SiteZeus

SiteZeus is a location intelligence company using fast, accurate predictive models to help emerging and established multi-unit brands enhance their market planning. Companies across multiple industries utilize the platform to confidently expand and optimize their portfolios for maximum revenue.

SiteZeus combines a brand’s store-level information with leading third-party data sets to offer sales forecasting, white space analysis, sales and closure impact studies, portfolio optimization, and territory management. The company is now applying the same data-driven approach to help marketing teams uncover hidden opportunities and more effectively target customers and prospects through real-time customer segmentation.

For more information on how SiteZeus can help your company grow, contact info@sitezeus.com.

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