Savory selects SiteZeus to help fuel nationwide expansion

SiteZeus’ A.I. platform will provide Savory with needed insights to make data-driven decisions about concept location and growth

TAMPA, Fla., July 16, 2020 — Today, SiteZeus announced that Savory selected its location intelligence platform to help make fast and effective real estate decisions that will fuel rapid expansion of its portfolio brands.

Savory was built to scale high potential local restaurant concepts into multi-unit powerhouses by delivering access to growth capital together with an award-winning restaurant operations team with a well-documented track record and decades of relevant experience.

Ultimately, the ability to choose great locations and avoid bad ones, separates winners from losers in the multi-unit restaurant space,” said Andrew K. Smith, managing director of Savory. “SiteZeus’ technology will give the Savory team invaluable insight in locations where our portfolio companies will thrive. By helping us prevent the opening of less favorable sites, SiteZeus will increase our chances to compound growth.”

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Savory will utilize SiteZeus to assist in making data-driven decisions by defining who the customer actually is for each brand by geosocial segment and demographic profile. By utilizing this information to analyze future growth markets, a detailed plan can be created that specifies exactly which markets are conducive for expansion. Finally, each market specified in the growth plan can be studied to determine the number of units that can be opened, and a timeline can be created to achieve new unit growth targets. This process will allow Savory to ensure disciplined unit growth creating a unique competitive advantage.

As previous restaurant owners, we understood the importance of finding the right location. We specifically built SiteZeus to make that possible, since previous methods fell short,” said Hannibal Baldwin, SiteZeus’ CEO. “Our platform empowers brands to target markets similar to those with which they’ve enjoyed their greatest gains. This opportunity to support Savory’s mission is truly exciting.”

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About SiteZeus

Founded in 2013 and based in Tampa, Florida, SiteZeus is a SaaS company dedicated to helping emerging and established multi-unit businesses accelerate their growth.

Its flagship product, SiteZeus Locate, is a comprehensive location-intelligence platform empowering real estate teams to maximize revenue through strategic expansion and portfolio optimization. It combines a company’s store-level information with leading third-party data sets to offer territory management, sales forecasting, white-space analysis, sales impact studies, customer segmentation, and portfolio optimization.

SiteZeus is now applying its innovative, data-driven approach to help marketing teams more efficiently identify, analyze, and reach their target audiences. SiteZeus Market offers customer segmentation based on real-time behavioral data, allowing marketers to truly understand customers’ interests and seamlessly launch digital campaigns.

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About Savory

Savory, a Mercato Partners Fund, is focused on delivering outsized returns through strategic investments in the food and beverage industry. Savory partners with high-potential, profitable, emerging restaurant brands, to deliver financial capital, industry expertise, revenue opportunities, profitability enhancements, and new location development. The Savory team contributes directly to all aspects of growth and replication by using a proven playbook and methodology. Founder involvement in the expansion of a brand is a central theme of the Savory approach, as founders carry the tribal knowledge around the uniqueness that has energized early success and is essential to future growth.

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