SiteZeus announces partnership with Planned Grocery

A new era in market planning for grocery brands

TAMPA, Fla. (May 18, 2020) — SiteZeus is thrilled to announce its partnership with Planned Grocery, a fully integrated data set focused on tracking the development cycle of grocery stores nationwide. This alliance represents a new chapter in unlocking true market potential for the grocery sector.  

SiteZeus, an A.I.-powered predictive modeling platform, enables grocery brands to make enhanced market-planning decisions quickly. Its recent addition of Planned Grocery data offers multi-unit brands immediate insight into competitors’:

  • Expansion plans
  • Store characteristics
  • Planned opening dates
  • Store sizes
  • Locations
  • Development statuses (e.g., proposed, planned, under construction, recently built, dead deal)

The integration of such data into SiteZeus’ global predictive model empowers grocery brands to maximize ROI. This is accomplished by analyzing the impact of expansion on current portfolio performance, understanding how competitor growth can jeopardize profits, and developing an optimization strategy for existing locations — all within hours.

Success in grocery also requires preservation of market share and informed expansion into promising markets.  Access to an on-demand grocery data library within a predictive-analytics platform offers advantages in both areas. According to SiteZeus CEO, Hannibal Baldwin, “considering the lean profit margins in the grocery vertical, a sophisticated, robust, and cost-effective analytics platform is key to decision-making. Within our partnership, all of this can be achieved at greater speed than ever imagined.”

Grocery brands will no longer wait weeks or months for the results of expensive research initiatives. In fact, Planned Grocery CEO David Beitz commented that, “with the grocery sector thriving and undergoing rapid change, we are excited to partner with SiteZeus to offer clients the added contextual data they need to make enhanced market-planning decisions with a click of a button.”

By combining forces, SiteZeus and Planned Grocery will empower grocery brands to grow confidently — ahead of the competition — and make better decisions, first.

About SiteZeus

SiteZeus is a location intelligence company using fast, accurate predictive models to help emerging and established multi-unit brands enhance their market planning. Companies across multiple industries utilize the platform to confidently expand and optimize their portfolios for maximum revenue.

SiteZeus combines a brand’s store-level information with leading third-party data sets to offer sales forecasting, white space analysis, sales and closure impact studies, portfolio optimization, and territory management. The company is now applying the same data-driven approach to help marketing teams uncover hidden opportunities and more effectively target customers and prospects through real-time customer segmentation.

For more information on how SiteZeus can help your company grow, contact

About Planned Grocery

Planned Grocery is a fully integrated grocery dataset that was created for organizations seeking to have a better pulse on the current nationwide grocery expansion. The dataset that includes thousands of locations across the United States, specializes in tracking the development cycle of grocery projects, and provides the intelligence required to perform site selection analysis in the grocery sector. To learn more about Planned grocery contact

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