SiteZeus® names Jim Mizes, retired Blaze Pizza CEO, to its board of directors

Tampa, Florida (October 28, 2019)SiteZeus, the leading location intelligence software company, has named retired Blaze Pizza CEO and fast-casual visionary Jim Mizes to its Board of Directors.

As a seasoned fast-casual restaurant leader, Mizes has successfully launched more than 1,000 new locations and spearheaded new innovative technology partnerships. His approach has enabled Blaze Pizza to quickly adapt to the ever-evolving needs of the customers, including but not limited to simplified online ordering and delivery services.

The addition of Jim Mizes to our Board of Directors is a testament to the potential SiteZeus has to transform the way companies approach location intelligence altogether. Mizes built his career on predicting consumer behavior shifts, and his trend-predicting prowess will equip us to stay one step ahead of retail location needs”

says Hannibal Baldwin, Co-Founder & CEO, SiteZeus.

In his new role, Mizes harnesses his decades of in-the-trenches experience and leadership to inject fresh insights into the platform and innovative planning, thereby delivering even more significant advantages to retail restaurant chains using SiteZeus.

“Competition for prime real estate remains fierce. To capture top-performing locations, brands must move forward with a contract in a matter of days, sometimes hours. SiteZeus’ location-intelligence platform helps its users gain a competitive edge by equipping them with all the insights needed to make data-driven decisions fast. This is revolutionizing the space, and I’m thrilled to be working alongside the SiteZeus team,” says Jim Mizes, Board Member, SiteZeus.

It’s the quality of the technology and the leadership team at SiteZeus that inspired me to join their board. Having been in this space for decades, I know firsthand how difficult it is to select profitable new locations without access to relevant datasets. SiteZeus’ ability to deliver actionable location intelligence insights in minutes is a game-changer for the retail space. SiteZeus delivers such a huge competitive advantage as a commercial real estate investment tool that’s it’s well on its way to becoming a must-have tool for retailers in any industry that want to remain relevant.”

For more information about SiteZeus’ location-intelligence platform, visit our website.

About SiteZeus

SiteZeus is a predictive modeling platform that helps multi-unit brands with location-based decisions. The location intelligence platform is powered by A.I. to create fast and accurate predictive models. Brands leverage the platform to make confident, data-driven decisions to solve for infill expansion, greenfield growth, remodel analysis, relocation analysis and closure analysis. For more information around how SiteZeus’ A.I. platform can help your company grow, contact

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