SiteZeus partners with to offer groundbreaking customer-segmentation solution

TAMPA, Fla. (Sept. 29, 2022) — SaaS companies SiteZeus and have teamed up to offer growing brands a cutting-edge customer-segmentation platform: SiteZeus Market, powered by PersonaLive™. Equipped with unprecedented insights, marketers across all industries can now craft highly tailored campaigns and deploy them efficiently. The end result: an increased return on every marketing dollar spent.

This new technology empowers companies to truly understand their customers by transcending the limitations of traditional demographic data and surveys. A brand can now identify, analyze, and target its top customer groups based on their real-time social media activity, online behaviors, and in-store visitation patterns.

SiteZeus Market takes you from insight to action in three simple steps

  1. Customer segmentation isn’t as simple as traditional methods make it out to be, because two people may be demographically similar yet have totally different interests. With SiteZeus Market, you can append your customer data and mobile location data to see customers organized into 80 segments based on their actual behavior rather than on demographics and surveys alone.

  2. Keep up with your customers by studying their live behaviors. Access the latest data on the stores and websites they’re visiting, the brands and influencers they’re following, the channels they’re using, and the topics they’re discussing. Then use this info to decide which segments are most likely to convert so that you know where to focus your campaign efforts — because not every click is created equal.

  3. SiteZeus Market allows you to easily build custom campaign audiences by selecting the segments you want to include or by creating your own criteria. Get your message out in minutes by instantly exporting your audience into platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, where you can increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns with personalized messaging and visuals.

Rapidly growing sports-bar brand Wings Etc. has already implemented SiteZeus Market and seen substantial results:

We’re using the customer information from [SiteZeus Market] to create more relevant ads for our actionable guest segments. For less money — or for the same amount of money — we’re achieving higher click-through rates.

— David Ponce, Chief Marketing Officer, Wings Etc.

Join SiteZeus and’s webinar on October 19 at 1 p.m. ET to see a live demonstration of SiteZeus Market and learn more about how it can enhance your brand’s campaign strategy.

About SiteZeus

SiteZeus is a location intelligence company using fast, accurate predictive models to help emerging and established multi-unit brands enhance their market planning. Companies across multiple industries utilize the platform to confidently expand and optimize their portfolios for maximum revenue.

SiteZeus combines a brand’s store-level information with leading third-party data sets to offer sales forecasting, white space analysis, sales and closure impact studies, portfolio optimization, and territory management. The company is now applying the same data-driven approach to help marketing teams uncover hidden opportunities and more effectively target customers and prospects through real-time customer segmentation.

For more information on how SiteZeus can help your company grow, contact

About started with an insight: Billions of people are sharing their mindsets, interests, and attitudes on social media. If that unstructured data could be harnessed at scale, we'd no longer need to rely solely on demographics or surveys — and our understanding of customers could happen in real time.

In 2016, cofounders Lÿden Foust and Will Kiessling used their respective backgrounds in ethnography and computer science to make this vision a reality. Today, hundreds of companies leverage’s geosocial data sets to make timely, informed decisions that support their marketing and real estate goals.

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