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INRIX site selection: Taking the risk out of retail real estate decisions

Forward thinking retailers are increasingly embracing Big Data in their business decisions when choosing new store locations. Using INRIX Big Data, site selection companies help retailers pinpoint their target demographics and see where shoppers are coming from and analyze the potential profitability of millions of retail locations.

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Tampa tech company speeds up business site selection process

The stakes are high when a company decides to invest in a brick-and-mortar storefront. A business can spend millions, only to fail because of the wrong location. But the Tampa-based SiteZeus® is working to boost their clients’ odds of success.

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Anatomy of a perfect location, with and without big data

What’s a heuristic? In layman’s terms, it’s judging a book by its cover. It’s when you decide on something based on limited information, just like Pavlov’s dog salivating when it hears a bell. As humans, we use this approach constantly because it’s incredibly efficient. Instead of watching an entire movie, we first look at the trailer. Before eating an entire meal, we first look at the menu. And when choosing retail locations, we simply glance at ten or so factors, make a call, and call it a day.


INRIX Phase II Webinar: Are you looking for day of week and day-parted traffic data?

Hannibal Baldwin, SiteZeus Co-Founder & Co-CEO, presents our third series of “Does data have a seat at your table.” He goes over the newest methods of leveraging INRIX’s cutting edge traffic counts, for over 300 million cell phones, by hour of day.

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SiteZeus reinvents data visualization

SiteZeus is excited to introduce the Synergy Grid, among other new features this month, including new Heat Maps, Lasso locations and INRIX Traffic Volumes.


INRIX webinar: Is mobile and GPS data a part of your fundamental decision making process?

Check out our first edition of "Does data have a seat at your table?" If Mobile and GPS data are not a part of your fundamental decision making process, they should be. Watch this webinar to learn about our newest data partner, INRIX, a proven leader within the transportation data segment.

Press Release

SiteZeus taps INRIX traffic data for retail site selection

Tampa, FL —October 4, 2016— SiteZeus®, the leader in location intelligence technology for emerging and established brands, brokers and developers, today announced a location data collaboration with INRIX, the global leader in transportation analytics and connected car services, to bring roadway traffic information to retail site selection and real estate.