The network effect: Leveraging impact analytics to optimize your portfolio

A solution for strategic closures and relocations

Adaptability is the hallmark of top-performing brands, which is why closure impact analysis forms a crucial part of strong growth strategies. The latest addition to the SiteZeus platform, this solution enables restaurant brands to systematically assess how store closures and relocations will affect their surrounding sites.

We cover

  • Why closure analysis is important now
  • What makes our methodology unique
  • The top three use cases for this solution

Webinar Details

  • Date and time: Wednesday, August 3, at 1 p.m. ET
  • Duration: 30 minutes + Q&A session
  • Who it’s for: Restaurant brands ready to optimize existing markets

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A sneak peek at SiteZeus’ newest data-driven insights

The colorful visualizations and clear calculations of our closure impact studies help multi-unit brands make tough decisions with confidence.

Join our webinar to see how – when equipped with the right data – you can transform challenges into opportunities.

Meet our speakers

Emily Cartafalsa

Senior Product Owner 


Sean Ryan

Vice President of Operations 


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