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Podcast | Tech + Mortar

David Beitz and George Daigh, Planned Grocery

In this episode of Tech and Mortar, David Beitz and George Daigh of Planned Grocery talk about how the Coronavirus has affected the grocery industry. Hear what new procedures are expected to stick long after the pandemic.


Market expansion analysis with customer segmentation data

Knowing how to identify and utilize your brand’s customer profile can determine the success of your expansion into new markets. Previously, brands used demographics as the primary standard when determining their customers’ characteristics. SiteZeus allows growing brands to upgrade their understanding of their customer profiles with the use of Spatial.ai’s geosocial data. 


Evaluating your grocery portfolio for optimization

Manually evaluating portfolio performance can be slow and tedious. To streamline this process, SiteZeus’ Quadrant Recommendations feature sorts your locations into four simple categories — Study, Grow, Relocate, or Optimize — by comparing their actual sales to their projected sales. For instance, a site might currently be performing below your portfolio's average, but SiteZeus projects it could be performing well above average. This site would be categorized under Optimize to quickly highlight opportunities for improvement. Strategic brands use all four recommendation categories to determine their true portfolio potential and guide their optimization strategy. Users can study, test, and act on insights all in one platform.

Press Release

SiteZeus announces partnership with Planned Grocery

TAMPA, Fla. (May 18, 2020) — SiteZeus is thrilled to announce its partnership with Planned Grocery, a fully integrated data set focused on tracking the development cycle of grocery stores nationwide. This alliance represents a new chapter in unlocking true market potential for the grocery sector.  

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Retail closure analysis with customer-segmentation data

The pandemic forced many multi-unit brands to close their doors. While some sites are beginning to reopen, others will remain permanently closed. As brands analyze whether to close or reopen their existing sites, demographics will play an essential role. However, demographics alone do not depict the whole story. The missing piece? Geosocial customer-segmentation data.

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Satisfying America’s post-pandemic appetite

When COVID-19 brought the restaurant industry to its knees in February 2020, an interesting phenomenon occurred; everyone from hometown eateries to major multi-unit brands temporarily offered takeout and delivery to survive. Meanwhile, companies with pre-established off-premises systems (i.e. Chipotle), enjoyed increased revenues.


Building a fast and accurate predictive model for your grocery brand

Building a predictive model means gathering, cleaning, analyzing, and testing data — a process that can take months. SiteZeus allows you to skip this lengthy process and jump straight to gaining key insights for portfolio growth and optimization. SiteZeus combines multiple data sets (e.g., brand data, population movement, mobile location, geosocial segments, etc.) to give the machine-learning algorithm everything it needs to build a precise predictive model. By comparing each site’s projected and actual revenues, SiteZeus even tests itself for accuracy. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, you can simply log in and start using your brand's predictive model, available 24/7.

Podcast | Tech + Mortar

Anonymous Restaurant Professional

This episode of Tech and Mortar features an anonymous restaurant professional speaking on the real challenges his brands and many others are facing right now.


Crucial steps towards successful grocery expansion

Are you looking to expand your grocery brand quickly and effectively? By recognizing what key factors drive your sales and by how much, SiteZeus can support your brand’s current expansion plans. Understanding key sales drivers are crucial steps in the continued success of any expansion strategy. Most importantly, while these insights used to take days, weeks, or even months for other solutions to produce, SiteZeus’ Synergy Grid can present this vital information in a matter of minutes. Through fast and accurate data analysis, the Synergy Grid investigates the correlations between brand locations and conveniently displays findings in a highly reportable manner. To learn more on how the Synergy Grid can benefit you, see this tool in action by watching this short video or by scheduling a demo below: