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Podcast | Tech + Mortar

Anonymous Restaurant Professional

This episode of Tech and Mortar features an anonymous restaurant professional speaking on the real challenges his brands and many others are facing right now.


Crucial steps towards successful grocery expansion

Are you looking to expand your grocery brand quickly and effectively? By recognizing what key factors drive your sales and by how much, SiteZeus can support your brand’s current expansion plans. Understanding key sales drivers are crucial steps in the continued success of any expansion strategy. Most importantly, while these insights used to take days, weeks, or even months for other solutions to produce, SiteZeus’ Synergy Grid can present this vital information in a matter of minutes. Through fast and accurate data analysis, the Synergy Grid investigates the correlations between brand locations and conveniently displays findings in a highly reportable manner. To learn more on how the Synergy Grid can benefit you, see this tool in action by watching this short video or by scheduling a demo below:


COVID-19 survival guide for restaurants

COVID-19 has taught us that change is inevitable, and it waits for no one. No business model or sales prediction will remain relevant forever. As markets shift, successful brands must follow suit. Simply stated, financial resilience requires us all to evolve constantly.

Podcast | Tech + Mortar

Jim Mizes, Blaze & SiteZeus

In the first episode in the COVID-19 series, Jim Mizes discusses new strategies restaurants have implemented and how brands can prepare for the new normal that waits on the other side.

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Adapting to the new restaurant “norm”

COVID-19 has turned once thriving cities into temporary ghost towns, forcing the permanent closure of over 3% of all restaurants nationwide. When in-store traffic evaporated between February and March, many could not sustain the financial blow. In an unstoppable ripple effect, mass layoffs quickly ensued, and restauranteurs scrambled to implement safe takeout and delivery options to stay afloat.


Restaurant business amidst COVID-19

At SiteZeus, we have closely monitored the effects of COVID-19 on the state of the restaurant world. From client interviews to detailed market analyses, our team is working diligently to anticipate, and prepare for, a new norm in the industry.


Turning months into minutes: How A.I. is transforming market planning

Going to RLC 2020? Join us for “Turning months into minutes: How A.I. is transforming market planning”. Q&A to be held with our panel and a surprise giveaway for five lucky guests!

Location Intelligence

SiteZeus awarded best innovation in artificial intelligence prize at 2020 Devies Awards

The Devies Awards, the definitive award for the Development Technology Industry, has named SiteZeus the winner of their 2020 prize for Best Innovation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The award is in recognition of SiteZeus’ groundbreaking achievements in creating an A.I. platform that is able to solve numerous market planning problems faced by the multi-unit brands.


Torchy’s Tacos seeks the “best damn” locations with SiteZeus

Torchy’s Taco’s, home to the “Best Damn Tacos,” is seeking to maximize their growth in new markets with the help of SiteZeus’ A.I. powered market planning platform.        

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25 Top multi-unit brands leveraging A.I. in 2020

With a new decade under way, multi-unit brands like Kroger, Uniqlo, McDonald's, among many others, are starting to leverage the potential of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) across various functions of their business.

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The future is now: How multi-unit brands are leveraging A.I. today

Whether we realize it or not, Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is starting to become a part of our daily fabric. From electronic assistants like Alexa and Siri to business tools like Salesforce and Gmail, A.I. has proved to be a powerful technology that helps improve the way we work and live. Listed below are ten examples of brands that are harnessing the power of A.I. to solve for some of their business challenges.


Webinar: Implementing A.I. in 2020

This exclusive webinar will help you to better understand A.I. technology and to uncover its benefits and limitations.