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How well do you know your customer?

We’ve all seen the headlines of the so called “retail apocalypse” underway with major retail chains that are shuttering brick-and-mortar locations. Yet store closings ranging from Gymboree and Sears to Applebee’s seem to conflict with a positive outlook for consumer spending.

Press Release

SiteZeus reveals new location intelligence platform for emerging brands and brokers: "Savvy"

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 3, 2019— is pleased to announce the release of its latest platform, Savvy. This artificial intelligence-powered GIS solution gives brands and brokers access to comprehensive location data as a scalable first step to sophisticated location strategy.


Upcoming webinar | How to leverage social media segments for rapid customer insight

Join us January 8th, at 2P.M. ET with GeoSocial data pioneer, We’ll be showcasing social psychographic segmentation live in SiteZeus, with a Q&A to follow. Social Psychographics dive into consumer behavior and preferences that help our clients better understand who their customer is, and where to find them.


Webinar: Streamline market planning with the new Franchise Portal

The new Franchise Portal is designed to streamline market planning across the organization. Powered by AI, this custom solution delivers accurate analytics, fast and with ease, creating maximum efficiency between the Franchisor and the Franchisee.


What’s missing from your real estate site pack?

In today’s competitive retail landscape, companies are using the latest data and analytics tools for nearly every aspect of their business, from sales and marketing to operations and supply chain. At the same time, choosing the right location has become a more essential decision than ever. This is hardly surprising, given that the wrong site decisions can have million-dollar consequences. Forward-thinking organizations are constantly fine-tuning their process to make sure the sites they select are the very best ones to grow their business and turn a profit.


Get the location and customer insights you need

Enjoy the 5th Edition of “Does data have a seat at your table?” focused on the addition of data from Environics Analytics, one of North America’s leading data and analytic companies. We’ll show you how to access authoritative demographic data to analyze sites, profile customers and determine sales potential.


How to leverage Location Characteristics and Competitor Sales Comps in your predictive model

Enjoy this webinar, as Keenan Baldwin, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, takes you through these valuable features. We'll demo them and address their benefits, in a world where every data point matters.


Add transparency to your predictive modeling process

Enjoy as Keenan Baldwin, Co-CEO, takes you through the newest methods of building predictive intelligence with the aid of AI and Machine Learning, all while keeping transparency at the core of every decision.


Black Box Intelligence Webinar: Leverage restaurant performance from your peer groups

Enjoy the 4th edition of “Does data have a seat at your table?” focused on the addition of Black Box Intelligence, which tracks performance across 27,000 restaurants. We will be discussing how their restaurant performance index can be leveraged within SiteZeus, specifically reporting, visualizations and predictive analytics.

Press Release

Black Box Intelligence and SiteZeus Partner to deliver unparalleled data modules for restaurant developers

DALLAS, TX (PRWEB) APRIL 25, 2017- Black Box Intelligence, a TDn2K company, has partnered with leading SaaS location intelligence technology platform SiteZeus®. Black Box Intelligence average unit volume data will integrate and enhance the SiteZeus platform, making it easier than ever for brands, brokers and developers to screen markets based on actual restaurant revenue performance.

New Features

The platform that never sleeps

This has been an eventful first quarter for SiteZeus, and we’ve added a handful of new features, data bundles, and nuances to the Synergy platform. Below you’ll find a handful of these premium additions:


INRIX Phase II Webinar: Are you looking for day of week and day-parted traffic data?

Hannibal Baldwin, SiteZeus Co-Founder & Co-CEO, presents our third series of “Does data have a seat at your table.” He goes over the newest methods of leveraging INRIX’s cutting edge traffic counts, for over 300 million cell phones, by hour of day.