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Easily validate your grocery sales projections

Getting sales projections for a proposed grocery location should take mere minutes. However, accuracy and transparency should not be sacrificed for speed. When brands leverage SiteZeus, they get a highly accurate sales projection within minutes as well as the ability to explore the variables behind every projection. With SiteZeus, brands have a constant, high-level understanding of their model accuracy using the Synergy Power Score, which represents the median accuracy of the overall model. Users can also review the variables positively and negatively affecting their individual projections with the Variable Impact Tool. And additional features such as mobile data, traffic data, and comparable sites equip users to further validate their projections with ease. To see how you can validate sales projections using SiteZeus, watch below:


Instant insights into grocery revenue potential

Calculating revenue potential is a top priority when analyzing proposed grocery locations. In the past, brands used a time-consuming, complex process to understand sales potential. With SiteZeus, users can evaluate the revenue potential for a proposed grocery location faster, easier, and more accurately for a higher ROI on their location-based decisions! Once your brand has a predictive model in SiteZeus, you can run as many projections as you'd like. When you drop a pin on the map, a revenue projection — known as a “Zeustimate” — is immediately calculated. To make the Zeustimate even more accurate, you can update site characteristics (e.g., square footage, building type, number of drive-thrus, etc.) for the proposed location, and the machine learning algorithm will instantly re-evaluate the location's potential. Each Zeustimate is conveniently broken down into different revenue streams for more detailed insights. To see how SiteZeus makes finding and validating new grocery locations easier than ever before, watch the quick demo below:


Crucial steps towards successful grocery expansion

Are you looking to expand your grocery brand quickly and effectively? By recognizing what key factors drive your sales and by how much, SiteZeus can support your brand’s current expansion plans. Understanding key sales drivers are crucial steps in the continued success of any expansion strategy. Most importantly, while these insights used to take days, weeks, or even months for other solutions to produce, SiteZeus’ Synergy Grid can present this vital information in a matter of minutes. Through fast and accurate data analysis, the Synergy Grid investigates the correlations between brand locations and conveniently displays findings in a highly reportable manner. To learn more on how the Synergy Grid can benefit you, see this tool in action by watching this short video or by scheduling a demo below:

Location Intelligence

Retail brands look beyond A.I. to solve for locations

“Artificial intelligence is going to change everything, everything, 180 degrees…There is no way to beat the machines, so you’d better bone up on what makes them tick.” Mark Cuban, American businessman, and investor.

Location Intelligence

Thank you for stopping by at ICSC RECon 2019

Thank you for a successful ICSC RECon 2019! We hope you were lucky enough to partake in our #FREEcon Giveaway.

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How to use mobile data to select restaurant locations

Growing a multi-unit franchise into an empire comes with growing pains. Having a winning concept isn’t enough anymore. Even those topping this year’s Emerging Brands list aren’t immune. Location remains a major success factor for brick-and-mortar brands.

Site Selection

How Steve Jobs changed modern location intelligence

Retail chains that are benefiting from the tech revolution sweeping through the location intelligence industry owe a big thank you to Steve Jobs. Smartphones that millions of people now carry with them everywhere are allowing retail brands to capture more data and insights on consumer behavior and travel patterns than ever before.

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Retail revolution – how modern data sets are changing the landscape

Site selection strategy is becoming more advanced. Data is easier to collect and analyze, and expansion can be determined in minutes instead of months. In fact, this BBQ chain is expanding in a shifting marketplace because of how they’re harnessing modern data sets.

Site Selection

How can geosocial data explain performance differences between two stores?

SiteZeus’ platform uses’s geosocial data to “score” an area for existing behaviors, in addition to providing more detailed sales forecasting.

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Can social media predict retail revenue?

How well do you know your customer? Chains and franchise brands are discovering that they may not know their customers nearly as well as they think – which is resulting in costly location mistakes.


Earl of Sandwich® chooses SiteZeus to help grow sandwich-inventing legacy

In 1762, John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, invented the sandwich. Today, the brand founded by his descendants, Earl of Sandwich®, is partnering with SiteZeus to bring their legacy of fresh and innovative dining to more locations than ever before.


Savvy webinar: Get surgical with site selection, get Savvy

Enjoy the SiteZeus Savvy webinar as Keenan Baldwin and Daniel Black of SiteZeus, showcase our new cloud-based platform. If you’re an emerging brand, a broker, developer, or municipality looking to better understand the variables that drive site performance, you won’t want to miss this!