How mobile data drives profitable market planning

Use insights from human movement data to take your brand to new heights in 2022

Mobile data transforms human movement into actionable results, and it’s a key driver of profitable market planning for brands of all sizes. Deeply integrated with the SiteZeus platform, it provides unique insights that help you make optimal location-based decisions. Join us to learn how mobile data can help you select sites, increase sales, and attract customers.

We cover

  • How SiteZeus partners with Near for quality mobile data
  • Using mobile data to visualize your true trade area
  • Mobile data for customer segmentation
  • How mobile data drives accurate sales impact analyses

Participating Brands

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  • SiteZeus logo

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Meet our speakers


Chief Growth Officer 


Emily Cartafalsa

Senior Product Owner 


Evelina Giang

VP of Analytics and Data Solutions 


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