Reduce sales impact and maximize profit with new A.I. methodology

See how brands leverage customer behavior to predict store cannibalization

SiteZeus’ new A.I.-powered sales impact solution has a revolutionary approach to predict how customer traffic will shift with every potential opening. With a model trained on millions of trips, it yields results instantly, with never-before-seen accuracy.

Join us as we unveil this new solution and are joined by special guests.

What we cover

  • Traditional method limitations
  • New A.I. methodology
  • How it works
  • Why brands prefer this method
  • Live demonstration
  • Q&A with Checkers and Rally’s


  • Duration: 30 mins + Q&A
  • Who it’s for: Multi-unit brands

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We are pleased to introduce our speakers

Emily Cartafalsa

Senior Product Owner 


Sean Ryan

Vice President of Operations 


Stephanie Grant

Real Estate Portfolio Manager 

Checkers & Rally's

Plus, interviews from

Jonathan Trapesonian

Head of Market Insights & Site Selection Analytics 

Taco Bell

Brianna Gallo

Associate Analyst, Strategic Development & Analysis 

Taco Bell

Greg Goddard

Director of Development and Franchising 

Penn Station

    “Before SiteZeus, pin studies required us to schedule on-site intercepts and wait for results, often weeks or even months per site. Now, getting sales impact studies takes minutes, at most; the difference in speed is night and day.”

    Jim Avery | Director of Development, Jack’s Family Restaurant

    “We wanted a predictive model that seamlessly incorporates our sales information with third-party data types, such as competitor, traffic count, and mobile location. With this all-encompassing tool, crucial information is right at our fingertips whenever we need it.”

    Kris McDonald | VP of Development, Checkers & Rally’s

    “What we can learn about trade areas with SiteZeus is really enticing. Using mobile data within the platform, we can see where and by how much prospective sites will cannibalize our existing sites. Being able to measure sales cannibalization and impact allows our team to be more strategic and intentional about our market planning.”

    Sasha Milosavljevich | Chief Real Estate Officer, Lou Malnati’s

    “This model allows us to determine with a higher level of confidence what key attributes drive sales and bottom-line revenue. The data intelligence provided by SiteZeus provides us with information that will assist us in making enhanced decisions when it comes to new site locations, relocations and rebuilds of existing restaurants, and cannibalization modelling.”

    Kevin Bennett | Chief Financial Officer, Biscuitville

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