Master your growth: Sell franchises, develop sites, and optimize operations

Thanks to our merger with franchise-development company Synuma, we’ve expanded the SiteZeus Growth Suite to include SiteZeus Sell, Build, and Operate. These data-driven solutions allow you to accelerate your growth through franchise-focused CRM software, comprehensive project-management tools, advanced financial planning, and custom assessments. 

Scale your francise faster

  • Seamlessly manage leads and send franchising documents. 
  • Easily oversee development projects with timeline-based tracking.
  • Quickly identify bottlenecks and run detailed cost analyses.
  • Optimize operations by gathering data through assessments and surveys.
  • Create custom royalty agreements and collect payments.

Webinar details

  • Date and time: Wednesday, June 14, at 1 p.m. ET
  • Duration: 45 minutes + Q&A session
  • Who it’s for: Multi-unit brands interested in maximizing efficiency
Synuma Webinar Featured Image

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Solutions powering serious growth

    Streamline collaboration
    Receive insights on demand
    Perfect your core processes
    Reach your growth goals sooner

Streamline collaboration

Stay in sync with your colleagues, franchisees, and contractors by exchanging information in a common workspace. Use features like automated notifications, shared document repositories, and task dependencies to make your asynchronous communication efficient.

Receive insights on demand

Monitor key metrics such as lead conversion rates, franchisee satisfaction scores, and store opening statuses, then view the data in customizable dashboard widgets or share them through digestible reports.

Perfect your core processes

Use data on sales initiatives and development projects to refine your lead-generation strategy and adjust timelines. By keeping a pulse on your current progress, you can plan more accurately as you continue expanding your portfolio.

Reach your growth goals sooner

With automated FDD management, integrated expense tracking, clear status updates, and appended records, you can onboard franchisees faster and consistently complete projects on schedule and within budget.

Meet our speakers

Sean Ryan

Vice President of Operations 


Liz Blaney

Customer Support Lead 


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