Location Intelligence

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Location Intelligence

Identify markets where your brand would thrive in minutes

Traditional white space analysis methods take multi-unit brand’s two to four weeks to conduct and can vary in accuracy. Waiting that long for analysis drastically slows down the timeline for opening new locations. Attempting to find data driven answers to questions like, “What market should I enter next?” or “Where should I open my first location in this new market?” can be difficult. SiteZeus’ A.I.-powered white space analysis solution, Site Sonar, runs up to 50,000 sales projections across the US and Canada in a matter of minutes, helping brands evaluate sales potential in new markets with greater accuracy than ever before.

Location Intelligence

Breakthrough A.I.-powered solution helps multi-unit brands reduce sales impact and increase profits in existing markets

Sales impact can be challenging to measure mainly because human behavior is complex. How do you quickly, efficiently, and easily build out the best market planning strategy?

Location Intelligence

Test site remodel scenarios for a single site or your entire fleet to improve portfolio performance

Whenever a multi-unit brand decides to remodel one or multiple sites, the questions is always, “What will my ROI be?” Making physical or operational changes can be costly, so it’s critical to understand how the changes will affect stores’ revenue. With SiteZeus’s portfolio optimization solution, brands can navigate these decisions with confidence.

Location Intelligence

Test sales impact with SiteZeus’ new breakthrough solution

Great multi-unit brands recognize the importance of calculated infill growth. However, identifying potential sites with an acceptable amount of cannibalization on existing locations can be difficult. SiteZeus understands this obstacle, which is why we’ve created an A.I.-powered solution making the struggle of time-consuming and unreliable sales impact studies a thing of the past. Why SiteZeus? SiteZeus’ A.I.-powered Sales Impact solution forecasts potential sales transfer with unprecedented accuracy. Our approach leverages actual customer trip data to measure cannibalization in under a minute. This innovative methodology analyzes all the trips taken to your existing site over the last 365 days to predict how customers will shift to a new location. By evaluating 15 different variables like time of day, day of week, and a variety of distance-based measurements, the model is able to understand your customers’ behavior and predict sales impact with over 93% accuracy.

Location Intelligence

Identify revenue potential and analyze sales impact in a single platform

Calculating infill growth has been a challenging process for multi-unit brands, as it involves finding areas with high revenue potential without cannibalizing existing stores’ sales. Traditionally, these were two separate workflows. The first step was to calculate revenue projections for potential sites, then separately test the impact of opening new stores near existing locations. This process was tedious, expensive, and usually took four to six weeks, leaving brands with questionable accuracy. One advantage of new modern techniques is using multiple market planning solutions in tandem to find the best performing markets and locations. The SiteZeus platform allows real estate teams to accurately forecast sales potential and the impact a potential site opening will have on existing locations, all in under a minute. With this dynamic duo of solutions, you can evaluate potential sites faster and with more confidence than ever before.

Location Intelligence

Grow Smart: Confident growth in any economy

Learn how to bring your brand's market planning strategy to life with empowered decision-making. Explore why SiteZeus' A.I.-driven platform provides the robust data and accurate analyses needed for your real estate team to succeed.

Location Intelligence

How A.I. is helping real estate teams pick the right sites for their franchise

SiteZeus’ A.I. powered predictive platform helps multi-unit restaurant brands leave traditional consultants behind.

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How multi-unit brands thrive with A.I.

In today’s economy, rapid change is a fact of life. To maintain a successful, yet flexible market strategy, multi-unit brands need the right data and the right technology. By adopting an A.I.-driven platform, forward-thinking businesses can predict, evolve, and thrive with confidence in a forever changing landscape.


Easily validate your grocery sales projections

Getting sales projections on a proposed grocery location should take mere minutes. However, accuracy and transparency should not be concessions for speed. When brands leverage SiteZeus, they get a highly accurate sales projection within minutes as well as the ability to explore the variables behind every projection. With SiteZeus, brands have a constant, high-level understanding of their model accuracy using the Synergy Power Score. The solution represents the median accuracy of the overall model. Users can also review the variables that are positively and negatively affecting their individual projections with the Variable Impact tool. Additional features within SiteZeus – such as mobile data, traffic data, and comparison of similar sites – equip users to further validate their projections with ease. To see how you can validate sales projections using SiteZeus, watch below:


Instant insights into grocery revenue potential

When analyzing proposed grocery locations, evaluating the revenue potential is a top priority. In the past, brands used a time-consuming, complex process to understand sales potentials. With SiteZeus users can evaluate the revenue potential for a proposed grocery location faster, easier, and more accurately – resulting in higher ROI on location decisions! Once a brand has a predictive model inside of SiteZeus, they are able to run as many projections as they want. By simply dropping a pin on the map, a revenue projection – known as a “Zeustimate” – is immediately calculated. To make the Zeustimate even more accurate, brands are able to update site characteristics on the proposed location (such as square footage, building type, etc.), and the machine learning instantly re-evaluates the location potential. Each Zeustimate is also conveniently broken down into different revenue streams to provide more detailed insights. To see how with SiteZeus finding and validating new grocery locations is easier than ever before, watch the quick demo below:

Press Release

Checkers & Rally’s fuels nationwide expansion with SiteZeus’ location intelligence platform

TAMPA, Fla. (June 1, 2020) — SiteZeus is pleased to announce its newest partnership with Checkers & Rally's, an iconic and innovative drive-thru restaurant chain known for its exceptional value, people-first attitude and “Crazy Good Food." With nearly 900 locations and plenty of available territory in desired markets across the U.S., Checkers & Rally’s will leverage this A.I. powered, subscription-based platform to further expand its thriving portfolio, while making critical market planning decisions.


Market expansion analysis with customer segmentation data

Knowing how to identify and utilize your brand’s customer profile can determine the success of your expansion into new markets. Previously, brands used demographics as the primary standard when determining their customers’ characteristics. SiteZeus allows growing brands to upgrade their understanding of their customer profiles with the use of Spatial.ai’s geosocial data.